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Testimonials from Helios Integrative Medicine

Below, you will find a series of testimonials from patients that have found benefit from this type of healing, have found that it has truly enhanced their lives.

When I first came to see Dr. Ingendaay, I felt that my life had become utter chaos, Over the next six months, things changed greatly for me. I’ve calmed down, my heart has opened, and I’ve let go and become more authentic. I’ve moved from a fragile state to solidity. I am now walking my path with intention, upright and on my way. I feel better, clearer, and more focused – all through the wise guidance and skillful acupuncture of Dr. Angela Ingendaay, whose background as a medical doctor along with her skill in Classical Chinese acupuncture are truly rare.

Mary P.
Sacramento, California

I had come to a major crossroad in my life. An intense and prolonged struggle had left me exhausted and sick, with frequent respiratory infections and severe asthma. Dr Ingendaay’s treatments have affected a profound change. I can feel the light of my heart blossoming light in a very new way, and I have much greater physical and emotional vitality. My health has vastly improved and I am inviting greater change into my life.

I very much feel that the acupuncture sessions support profound change in all levels of being. Whatever you are seeking to improve, allow yourself this opportunity to be supported!

With Love,
Erin K.
Sacramento, California

I have two daughters, age 6 and 8, and both were riddled with anxiety. The older one especially was prone to terrors and self destructiveness as well as chronic stomach pains. As the girls began experiencing the emotional and physical balancing they naturally forgot their fear. Now, they ask for the treatments. Dr. Ingendaay has provided unparalleled support for my children’s healthy and balanced growth. 

With deep appreciation,
Marlene B.,
Chico, California

I had no idea when I began acupuncture with Dr. Ingendaay that the experiences would change my life in such a profound way. 

I came to her with severe diabetes affecting my nervous system and my heart. After having treatments regularly, I began to realize how my mental state had a direct relationship to my physical health. Dr. Ingendaay’s focus was very much on allowing me to regain strength in myself rather than on treating my illness. The tests show that my body has recovered considerable healthy ground, and I feel much more in control. I find a new growth within myself, I am stronger emotionally, mentally, and physically. For the first time in way too long, I feel good.

Dr.Ingendaay truly connects with her patients. There have been treatments with her that I come out of feeling like someone heard my deepest, darkest, ugliest feelings, though none of it was spoken about. I have had some of my most profound enlightenments during treatments with Dr. Ingendaay. I look forward to continuing acupuncture with her.

Allison G.
Grass Valley, California

When I came to Dr. Ingendaay, I was in my sixties, with debilitating joint pain that should have been addressed surgically. I had come to a rather unhappy end of a career as a school teacher, things were not looking good for me. Since working with Dr. Ingendaay, my pain has markedly diminished – and above and beyond that, I started feeling a major opening of new creative energy. I started embracing a new career as a writer. On all levels, I was able to move forward in my life with new zest and pleasure.

I am now in my seventies and attribute my good health, high energy level and emotional balance to Dr. Ingendaay’s persistent care.

Susan L.,
Oregon House, California

When I first came to Dr. Ingendaay, I was suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. As a result of her acupuncture treatments, I am now free of pain and have a much wider range of activity. Gradually, I have started feeling some real sense of inner well-being, which I am now able to start cultivating for myself. After a long search for a source of healing, I have found that these acupuncture treatments have helped more than anything else. AMEN.

Julie M.
Nevada City, California

I had considerable chronic pain in my neck and back. I was new to acupuncture and was amazed how little pain I felt during the treatment. In fact, I find myself becoming completely relaxed, going into something like a trance. Again and again, Dr. Ingendaay has helped me be free of pain. In addition, I have come to her for depression, anxiety and fatigue. Her treatments have helped me so well that I now am almost free of medications and my sleep is deep and sound. I have recommended Dr. Ingendaay’s practice to many of my friends. I know they will get the very best treatment on all levels.

Diane G.
Grass Valley, California

I started seeing Dr. Ingendaay for acupuncture because of back pain resulting from a car accident. I have received much more than I bargained. – the pain and tension in the back are resolving, and in the process, I am feeling like a “normal” human being for the first time in a long while, loving and compassionate. She started weaning me off the antidepressant I had been taking for 6 years, and I feel more emotionally balanced than I have for many years.

My overall experience of the treatments is great, I always feel very relaxed. I now feel acupuncture is helpful even if you have no physical ailments. I continue to have treatments weekly and will do so as long as I can.

Linda M.
Oregon House, California

I came to Dr. Ingendaay with a recurrent episode of hyperthryroidim. In addition, I felt emotionally quite strung out and my digestion was very poor. After several months of treatments, my thyroid condition has normalized, I am off medications, and I am feeling considerably more vitality and emotional well-being.

Dr. Ingendaay sees the person that is behind the patient. She is able to decode your emotions and thinking, and connect them to your physical alterations, treating your being as a whole of body, mind and spirit.

Grace M.
Oregon House, California

I have been Dr. Angela Ingendaay’s patient for over five years. During that time she has brought my blood pressure under control and provided me with welcome relief from persistent allergies. Over time her treatments have helped me maintain a renewed sense of balance and personal harmony. Dr. Ingendaay is a remarkably observant and active listener. She is a patient and caring healer who has improved the quality of my life considerably.

Graziela N.
Sacramento, California

I am a singer and came to Dr. Ingendaay feeling rather frustrated about the state of my sinuses. They were constantly congested and infected, to the point where I could hardly enjoy my art and profession and was on multiple medications. After the first session, I felt my sinuses clear up to a large extent, for the first time in a very long time. A change of diet and three more sessions were sufficient to allow me complete relief. I have regained the pleasure of my vocation and feel much healthier and happier. I no longer take any medications. I am deeply grateful.

Sharon H.
Grass Valley, California

I am 82 years old. I thought for sure I would never be able to be free of the constant sinus congestion that had troubled me since my teens. And of course, being this old, I was having trouble keeping up with the active career I still have as a consultant engineer, sneaking long naps into the course of each day. I had had every medical treatment in the book and was very tired of taking medications.

Then I started having treatments with Dr. Ingendaay and within 8 weeks, my condition had significantly improved. My sinuses had cleared by 80 %, and my energy level was considerably better. I am now going strong, without naps, without medications.

Paul J.
Grass Valley, California

Before I met Dr. Ingendaay, my life had come to a complete halt for several years. I had been an anaesthesiologist and had had to give up my career because of severe symptoms of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had become bed ridden for several years. I felt rather desperate about the total lack of hope.

I started treatments with Dr. Ingendaay and experienced a true miracle – the pain and fatigue gradually receded with regular treatments. It is now three years later, I have regained my life, my vision, my hope, more so than I have ever had.

I came to see my life in a very new way, came to see I belong “in the sky”. So I now am a pilot and own a plane, and vastly enjoy my excursions.

Susan S.
Grass Valley, California

I am a lawyer and have been suffering from frequent and intense headaches for many years. A gradual hearing loss made it difficult to practice my profession. When I discovered that the medication I was using for my headaches was actually accelerating my hearing loss, I decided there must be another way to manage this condition.

I then discovered Dr. Ingendaay. I was hugely relieved to discover that I could become more centered, sleep better and experience a great relief in the frequency and intensity of my headaches, all without medications. I am now on much milder drugs and feel much more resilient to stress.

Frank J.
Grass Valley, California

I had a rare form of lymphoma, mycosis fungoides. The doctors had told me this would not become invasive and endanger my life, but required frequent treatments with light therapy to keep it at bay. I sought out the care of Dr. Ingendaay and was highly surprised when this tenacious condition started to recede, only to vanish completely within the course of 3 months. And my other problems vastly improved as well. I have become a true believer!

Betsy P.
Grass Valley, California

I was sixteen when I met Dr. Ingendaay. I had had a difficult childhood – at 11, I had had to have a complete removal of my large intestine. The experience left me exhausted, I was bed ridden for more than a year and did not know how I was going to finish high school.

I then encountered Dr. Ingendaay. After the first session, I told my mother: “I finally found someone that can heal me.” The sessions opened whole new vistas for me and always left me feeling deeply relaxed, joyful and strong in myself. I soon went back to school and was able to catch up quickly. I am now a graduate of an ivy league school and am studying architecture. My life is forever marked by this blessing.

Mary W.
Grass Valley, California