Releasing food cravings NOW – Part 7

Questions and objections?

We offer a very simple technique to stop food cravings that is fun and easy to learn and will help you chose the foods that serve you best. A lot of times, when I present this method, people tell me they feel they are not quite ready yet… so let’s talk about it.

What do the food cravings say to being released with ease? “We object!” – of course they would say that… the good news is – there is no need to listen to them, just use the tool as described, and they will disappear, out of sight and out of mind.

Now that we have said that… here are some of the common objections we get to hear:

  • “I am not ready to give this one up yet.”

This may seem like a big hurdle to overcome when trying to release food cravings, but if you just let yourself go through the exercise and see the desire vanish, you will have a completely different relationship to it. And if you really still want it back, we can teach you another exercise that will put the desire right back where it was originally – promise.

  • “But I love my …”

Just consider this: the love for this particular food is taking up a whole lot of space in your “love capacity”, if you let it go, your love will be redirected to other things that may serve you better. Food craving is not the best way to go…

  • “But my mother used to make it for me…”

Nothing wrong with that, you can still enjoy it, why do you have to crave it and have it all the time?

  • “What if I really do want to still enjoy it?”

You will still be able to enjoy this food, you just won’t carve it, “need it”, the desire won’t occupy your mind all the time.

If you put a little trust into learning and using the release tool we teach, you will soon find that the food cravings are no longer taking up all the “real estate” in your mind and you can use it for better purposes. The food cravings will go back in the closet and their objections will no longer matter.

How so?

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by Angela Ingendaay, M.D.