Releasing food cravings NOW – part 6

“Releasing Food Cravings with Ease”

Success stories and testimonials

At the Helios for Wellness Academy, we offer you an amazingly simple and effective tool to release food cravings NOW, once and for all. Our method is fun and simple to learn and yet leads to lasting and deeply gratifying change.

I have myself been astounded at how effective this method is. I have seen a number of people release deeply entrenched food habits within 15 minutes and never go back to them. Completely simple, painless, no struggle involved.

Some wonderful examples

A woman in her sixties related to me her diet had consisted primarily of rice crackers and cheese for the past 30 years. As soon as she completed the exercise, this habit was out of her life and she moved on to a well balanced diet. She never looked back, simply moved on to what she knew would work for her.

She then came to me again and said: ” I wish I could be the kind of person that likes to eat vegetables.”

We did another exercise of the same kind and that was all she needed!

Her life changed quite a bit after that, she had been a middle school teacher in an inner city neighborhood. Once she started getting more mental clarity from releasing her food cravings, she launched her own business and became the marketing director for a major health food store.

In her own words: “This was truly a miracle.”

A 68 year old man with severe diabetes and various other health problems related that ever since he was a child, he had enjoyed ½ gallon of milk a day and had never been able to let this go. “It’s just what I have always done.” In addition, he frequently had ice cream, at least 3-4x/week and at least ½ – 1 pint at a time. Last but not least, he also enjoyed cookies and pastries, the more the better.

Needless to say, he had been admonished by his doctors and friends his whole life and had tried a variety of diets and “plans” without success.

We worked together 3 times, each time for a 20 minute session. Yes, it did work like a dream… he forgot about the desire for milk altogether, replaced it with water. He no longer desired ice cream, even if his friends offered him some. And the desire for pastries was vastly diminished. His diabetic control has improved considerably within the period of 6 weeks.

He is astounded at the freedom it gives him in relation to food.

“It’s really that the desire for these foods that I loved so much has faded, I am not struggling with it at all. And I have no sentimental attachment to the habit I had ever since childhood – I thought that would be a difficult one, but it was not.”

A highly professional woman came to me to try and kick the coffee habit. She mostly felt she needed it to have the kick to keep going in her very active lifestyle and did not see how she could let it go. However, she suffered from insomnia and felt she needed to make a shift. So we worked for 15 minutes, after which she really did not like the thought of having it anymore. She substituted it with tea, but that did not work quite as well as she had hoped. She went back to coffee, and it did give her some satisfaction, but it really did not feel like the thing to do anymore.

Finally, she discovered an herbal coffee substitute from the Ayurvedic tradition, a drink that actually enhanced her focus while tonifying her body and initiating a cleansing process. Since then, she feels her energy and focus are much improved and her insomnia is resolving.

A case in point – once you let go of a craving, your innate intelligence to be well wakes up and you intuitively search for what will work for you.

From a doctor in her 70’s:

“I have never had good portion control. I love food and it’s one way that I satisfy myself at the end of a hard day at work. I know all the risks of being overweight, all too well actually… but it never mattered to me until now that I am retired and no longer need to do this – but I simply cannot stop eating too much.”

So, I consulted with Dr. Ingendaay who guided me through her method. I was astounded, 2 months later, after the Christmas holidays, I went back to her and had lost 10 lbs, to my own surprise. I realized that without even thinking about it, I had reduced my portion size. I was no longer doing the heaping and it was no struggle at all, just something I no longer did…”

It’s really that simple and that effective. Browse our site to learn more!

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by Angela Ingendaay, M.D.