Releasing food cravings NOW – part 4

“Releasing food cravings NOW – with ease” – simple and fun… How it all works…

Releasing Food Cravings part 3Yes – I can say with confidence, I can teach you how to release food cravings within a very short period of time and have it be a lasting change for the better. And why do I feel so confident? Because we will be using a very simple tool that allows you to forget about the craving, tuck it away out of sight and move on to something that works better for you…

The reality is: our love of food is deeply embedded in our brain and is often inaccessible to our more rational mind, that is why “conscious” decisions have so little power over it, and self-discipline and will cannot really crack the desire.

But if you understand how the brain works, you can make a significant shift – with ease.

We will look at how we remember the food we love. These memories are stored in a filing system not unlike what you might use in your office or at your computer. The memories of things we need to access often or that we like a lot go in a folder that we can easily keep an eye on, the memories of things we don’t need so much or really dislike go in a different folder, one that gets tucked away out of sight.

We will work with moving the memories from one folder to another, and that’s all we need to do… you will most likely neglect to access them and move on with your life.

This is the first and very important tool you will learn to use. We have a wide palate of tools we can offer you in our program to help you move beyond any undesired habit around food with great ease, come visit us at the Helios for Wellness Academy,

It’s really that simple and that effective. Browse our site to learn more!

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by Angela Ingendaay, M.D.