Releasing food cravings NOW – part 2

“Releasing food cravings NOW – with ease” – really good news!

The Good News and the Even Better News

Food Cravings The Good News: we are not going to be talking about
  • Dieting, meal plans, journaling your food intake
  • Analyzing your food cravings
  • Controlling, outsmarting or suffocating them
  • Replacing them with other unproductive habits

As a matter of fact all of that would take too long and too much effort!

You are also not going to chastise yourself in any shape or fashion, wonder why you have them, wonder what stressors brought them about… No need to feel guilty or depressed, that certainly will not contribute to your wellbeing.

You are simply going to RELEASE them, forget about them.

… and the Even Better News is: you will move on to something more rewarding that serves you better.

Releasing a food craving very effectively allows your brain to reclaim some of its “real estate” and your innate intelligence to be well will kick in. You will know what is a food worth having without having to think about it. You will intuitively be looking for things that work better for you. Food cravings are like weeds, once you pull them out, the flowers can grow again.

It’s really that simple and that effective. Browse our series of blog posts about “Releasing food cravings.”

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by Angela Ingendaay, M.D.