Release food cravings NOW- part 3

Release food cravings NOW, with EASE – a highly effective method to change your mind for good


Are you having a tough time with food cravings? Are you loving certain foods just a bit too much and this creating problems for you? Or maybe you are dieting successfully but cannot help but THINK of certain foods? Do you feel it’s REALLY HARD to give up certain foods? Think again… what if it were REALLY EASY, no struggle involved? Maybe it’s just a matter of making a small shift in how you look at this food, and lo and behold, the craving disappears and you wonder where it went… yes, you CAN take charge WITH EASE.


This is exactly what we can teach you. We invite you to shift gears, release the sense of struggle and release any unwanted food habits once and for all, with a simple exercise that takes about 15 minutes to implement, is fun to learn and gives long lasting results. No more food cravings!

Yes, it might seem difficult to break unwanted food habits… the reality is : our love of food is deeply embedded in our brain and is often inaccessible to our more rational mind, that is why “conscious” decisions have so little power over it, and self discipline and will cannot really crack the desire. But if you understand how the brain works, you can make a significant shift – with ease.

We will show you how to make that shift. We base everything we do on the newest findings in neuropsychology and work a lot with the pictures we create in our mind. Indeed, studies have shown that the brain encodes everything we experience as an image – or a video for that matter – and by making small adaptations to the image, we change our relationship to the experience. We will ask you to conjure up the image of how you remember the food you carve and make a few very specific adaptations to that image – et voila, all done, you will wonder whether you ever did desire this food. It’s really as simple as that, no strain, no efforting. Once you have made the shift, you will no longer go back to the craving, one time through does the trick.

We offer an instructional video that will teach you how to do this, quickly and easily. We also offer an interactive action plan that will allow you to refine the process some more and apply it in many different ways, really make this tool your own.

It’s really that simple and that effective. Browse our site to learn more!

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by Angela Ingendaay, M.D.